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Golden Morn

    Golden Morn cereal has steadily grown in sales since its introduction into the Nigerian market. This is based partly on the effectiveness of the brand strategy and marketing communication which encourage consumer loyalty by consistently positioning Golden Morn as nutritious when consumed on its own. As the pioneer brand managers, we continuously appraised and revised the brand's strategies to maximize its potentials. Golden Morn was introduced in 1984 as an instant breakfast cereal targeted at ABC households, with children of up to 14years. Golden Morn is uniquely produced from maize and soya beans, with attributes of carbohydrates and protein for energy and growth. Competitive cereal brands in the market then were mainly produced from maize, therefore needed to be consumed with milk for nourishment. With the economic downturn in the late 80s, milk became very expensive and was no longer generally affordable as an accompaniment for cereals and other foods. This resulted in the decline in the consumption of cereals and other foods which require milk. To prop up Golden Morn sales, we evolved a new communications strategy which highlighted the product's unique nutritional value without milk. We successfully repositioned Golden Morn as a unique cereal that's nourishing enough to be eaten on its own; just add water and eat a ready, nutritious meal.

Golden Morn packing was revised to delete the visual of milk jug on the front panel and the literature on the pack was revised to strengthen the uniquely nutritional value to consumers than other cereal brands which require milk for nourishment. Sales of Golden Morn grew as a result of the new advertising which positioned the brand as tasty and nourishing on its own; representing greater value to consumers than other cereal brands which require milk for nourishment. We successfully concluded a second repositioning of Golden Morn as ideal to eat anytime the family requires a quick meal. This followd a major brand audit which suggested huge advantages to grow the brand by encouraging out-of-home consumption. To this end, we down played the breakfast, elements in the communications of the product in other to strengthen its new anytime cereal positioning.

Linkage Assurance new brand identity

At ATL, brand identity encapsulates an organisations brand values in a unique, relevant and memorable set of positive impulses consistently experienced by stakeholders at each point of interaction with the organisation. It was therefore no surprise that nothing was left undone when ATL was assigned to re-brand the new Linkage. Agency's Task
To evolve and implement brand development and advertising campaign strategies which will position Linkage Assurance as a foremost insurance company in Nigeria with a world class outlook. Samples of our re-branding work on the following pages have been described in the industry as "international in feel and execution", "upbeat" and " contemporary".

Linkage Assurance Corporate Colour
The colours of the Linkage Assurance plc logo are as much a part of the identity system as the logotype. They remain a powerful way of identifying and differentiating the Linkage brand from its competitors. If it is to effectively represent the Linkage brand and its values. The colours must be used correctly and consistently with absolutely no variations,

Linkage Assurance Corporate Colour

Immediate and highly visible stationery is the most frequently used medium of formal communication with both internal and external customers. The correct use of the Linkage logo and logotype, clear zone and corporate colours, will ensure that all stationery items convey the Linkage brand values with consistency clarity and impact. Corporate stationery reflects the style of an organization. Accurate and consistent presentation will demonstrate the reliability and accountability of Linkage to its stakeholders.

Stationery is a key element in presenting a united, cohesive image across the offerings and within the network of Linkage Assurance Plc.

Consistency of presentation is vital. For this reason, we have established a number of fixed position rules:

Strength and Balance

The corporate stationery range for Linkage has been designed with particular attention to the strength and balance of the logo, logotype, corporate address, list of members of the board of directors, the Nigeria Insurance Association (NIA) logo etc. This will help to create an open and distinctive style which differentiates Linkage from other company's