ATL Nigeria

Corporate Communication



This major marketer of petroleum products sought to boost sales. Research revealed that the perceived poor sales of Agip products were attributable to the unimpressive conduct of its marketing communication programmes. ATL developed the following new set of advertising materials:

   - AGIP Corporate(TV, radio and press)
   - AGIP Motor oils(TV, radio and billboards)
   - AGIP Grease(TV and radio)
The advertising objective was to positively change public perception of AGIP Nigeria to a modern company which adds value to life. Our strategy was to create awareness for AGIP's extensive investments in modern manufacturing facilities for the production of quality grease, motor oils, radiator coolant, liquid detergents, insecticides, cooking gas, aviation fuel and a company fulfilling its social responsibility by employing local labour. The 60 seconds corporate ad presented AGIP Nigeria Plc as a contemporary Nigeria arm of the global organization which contributes to Nigeria's economic growth. The launch of the new corporate campaign coincided with the the refurbishing of Agip service stations nationwide and the award of the Standard Organisation of Nigeria NIS certificate to AGIP, for conformity of the quality system of the lubricant plant in Kaduna with 1SO 9002. The advertising for AGIP lubricant was designed to launch the range of specially formulated Agip motor oils in new international packaging. The commercial employed modern production values to demonstrate how the product cleans and protects motor engines which operate under different conditions. The AGIP grease advertising employed the slice-of-life approach to highlight the product's unique lithium base quality. The pidgin English commercial targeted industrial and light engine users and mechanics. The corporate ad was launched simultaneously with product ads for motor oils and grease. The following positive post advertising campaign results were been recorded:

  - Overall recall of AGIP NIGERIA Plc as a "dynamic company which adds value to life" was high, 54% of total respondents sampled
  - 45% said they have noticed improvements in Agip operations in the 12 months following the campaign launch
  - AGIP services stations dealers, operators and attendants polled became generally more positive and enthusiastic associates of AGIP Nigeria Plc than previously
  - AGIP customers became more positively disposed towards AGIP Nigeria Plc than in the period before the campaign
  - Awareness levels for AGIP's range of products rose significantly versus previous periods.
  - Sales of all AGIP Nigeria Plc products, particularly motor oils and grease improved. The value of AGIP Nigeria Plc stocks quoted on the Nigeria Stock Exchange appreciated following the break of the new media advertising campaign.