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Events Marketing


Nigerian International Bank (CITIBANK)

The unprecedented success if Citibank, following its entry into Nigeria, particularly in the period when other banks were less than success, attracted enormous pressure on the bank to "justify"bits results and to cut an image of a good corporate citizen in the community. The general feeling of the banks management was that any form of corporate advertising which attempted to explain the bank's success would draw more than necessary attention to the bank. The task before ATL was therefore to evolve a sustainable community related activity which would posotively impact on the public and offer opportunity for NIB to provide some benefits to ots wider audience We are proud that the bank adopted one of ATL's proposals for the annual sponsorship of the stage presentation of Nigerian plays. The agency successfully ran most of the


enormously popular annual events between 1990 and 1998. This unique stage initiative earned Citibank an enviable position as a pioneer and major contributor to the development of Nigeria arts and culture. Each year during the community related campaign, proceeds from gate takings were matched in cash by the bank and donated to charity. The agency was privilaged to work with NIB in planning and staging the productions; from recommending and selecting plays, developing and producing the advertising and promotional materials and implementing the programme which has gained enormous goodwill for NIB in Nigeria.