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Social Marketing


Insecticide Treated Net (ITN)

The social marketing communication campaign followed the brief from a joint forum of UNICEF, other members of the Insecticide Treated Net sub-commitee and the Federal Ministry of Health. Agency conducted an extensive desk research of the health sector of the Roll Back Malaria Initiative and presented a proposal for promoting good health and social well-being by encouraging the use of ITNs in households in all Local Governments Areas (LGAs) in Ogun and Bauchi States.

The objectives of the ITN social marketing campaign included:
■ Develop and implement a comprehensive marketing, promotion and monitoring plan effectively create awareness and demand for ITNs.
■ Educate consumers on the treatment and re-treatment of bednets
■ Encourage the regular use of ITNs in Homes as a malaria prevention initiative.
■ The successful implementation strategy was in harmony with the private sector, non-governmental and community based organizations involved in the demands creation and distribution of ITNs at specific outlets including markets, hospitals, school, churches, mosques, traditional and social association

It include:

■ Sensitization exercises involving UNICEF, the stakeholders, Community Based Organisations (CBOs) etc. ATL made elaborate presentations of details of the social marketing campaign plans to the parties and recieved useful inputs/feedbacks which helped to enhance the communication value of the campaign.
■ Special inaugural ceremonies in Ogun and Bauchi states kicked off the campaign to create news value for the programme.
■ Road shows which were planned to coincide with the major market days in each LGA, including advocacy by community, religious and othereopinion leaders, helped to heighten awareness for the ITN campaign. CB and non-governmental organizations brought seed-stocks of ITNs for sale at the road shows. The road shows involved drama presentations and other attractions and crowed pulling activities which created a carnival like atmosphere and conducive environment for ITN sales.
■ The social marketing campaign was supported by radio, billboards, leaflets and press advertising which were prepared in the relevant vernacular of the states.

The award winning crown poster for the Massive Awareness Creation Campaign for HIV/AIDS adopted by UNICEF
ATL poster produced for the International Organization for Migration. The promotion materials which included radio and TV advertising were targeted primarily at women 14-30 years. The campaign was heightening awareness for the dangers of illegal migration and to provide assistance/information to victims/potential victims.
The New Nigeria Foundation (NNF)
ATL is the advertising and public relations consultant to the NNF a none-profit public partnership established to promote economic and social development programmes in Nigeria.
Apart from coordinating the successful launch of the Foundation and securing a visit to the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by the directors of the NNF (including Honourable Joseph P. Kennedy 11, Chairman NNF); the Agency's mandate includes creating awareness for the village health & Job creation initiatives of the NNF.

Consolidating APC'S leadership position through effective media relations
ATL was retained by America Power Conversion (APC) to provide strategic public relations services aimed at achieving pecific and measurable goals.
Our responsibilites included preparing and publishing press releases and developingcase studies which leverage APC's position as the solutions provider in power protection. We initiated the timely and extensive publications of the reports in carefully selected press.
Periodically, we set up face to face interviews involving the key IT press and senior APC representatives. We ensure that the discussions received wide and appropriate media coverage.
ATL monitored the UPS market regularly and isued status report on competitive activities.
Our client enjoyed a rising profile within the Nigeria IT and related sectors in the period (over two years) of the assignment.